Out in the World: Bringing Alumni Back to the Classroom

5/17/16 – In the last week of class for the semester, Dr. Susan Golicic invited three GSSE MBA alumni to come talk to her Supply Chain classes. We love hosting our alumni to come back to campus – the hard part is choosing which alumni, since they are all so great!

“The three alums discussed what life was like in the working world after getting an MBA from CSU. They started with introductions and briefly discussing how Supply Chain Management has impacted them in their current positions. They answered various questions from the students on their careers, their life, the balance between the two, and what they learned in the program that contributed to all of this. The students really appreciated hearing from them – many replied that it motivated them, helped them appreciate what they are going through, gave them hope, and one even replied it was their best session of the spring semester!” – Dr. Susan Golicic

Where they are now:
Colorado State University Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA alumni Christie Zimmerman
Christie Zimmerman

GSSE MBA Cohort 5

GSSE Team: Siembra Orgánica , helping connect Bolivian quinoa farmers to local sources of organic fertilizer.

Current Position: Product Standards Manager at Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage


Colorado State University Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise alumni Greg Goble
Greg Goble

GSSE MBA Cohort 5

GSSE Team: Noya Fibers, enabling Mongolian cashmere goat herders to properly graze their endangered grasslands and connecting them to high end cashmere markets.

Current Position: Lifecycle Specialist at Otterbox, and CEO of Noya Fibers


Global Social Sustainable Enterprise MBA alumni Andrew Kumar | Colorado State University
Andy Kumar

GSSE MBA Cohort 6

GSSE Team: LimaLinks, to enhance market information for farmers in Zambia.

Current Position: Product Manager at Envirofit International

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