GSSE MBA Students Win Business Design Competition

Did you catch the news? Even Business Wire and Yahoo Finance picked up the story about how our GSSE students won $10k in a business design competition to figure out how to get millennials to save for healthcare and retirement. Their participation in the event along with their victory confirms two things:

  1. GSSE MBA students go above and beyond – this wasn’t part of their coursework, and the competition took place during the busiest 8 weeks of the program thus far; and
  2. The degree’s focus on social and sustainable enterprise, as well as the venture creation pedagogy, enabled these students to compete at the highest level against traditional MBA students. In other words, GSSE is kind of like an MBA+.

Learn more about the competition and the winning team via this CSU article and the Denver Post article. Congratulations to Charlie, Hannah, Meghan, and Montana – team Business for Good – on your well-deserved win!


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