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Guest Contributors 

Most of our content comes from our guest contributors, which include College of Business Faculty, guest lecturers in our Sustainable Enterprise Speaker Series, and College of Business students and alumni.

Editor and Curator

Kathryn Ernst has a BA in International Studies and a BA in Spanish from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, and an MBA in Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University. After working for a family-owned bicycle tour company for a year, she served 2 years in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic as a Community Economic Development volunteer. Her work in the DR with an organic coffee cooperative inspired her to research alternative supply chain models that benefit small-holder farmers in the developing world. During the GSSE program, Kathryn co-founded Organic Oasis, an aquaponics business whose family-sized units increase nutrition and income to bottom of the pyramid families in Lima, Peru via efficient vegetable and fish production. After 5 years in the College of Business, Kathryn is now the Program Manager for GSSE.

Past Contributors

Carl Hammerdorfer was the Executive Director of CASE, created to meet needs and opportunities that came to light while running the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA. An entrepreneur with twenty-five years of experience overseas and domestically, Carl began his international career working at the grass-roots level as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, West Africa. A water resources volunteers, Carl’s greatest success was the production of a record in Bambara featuring songs about various public health challenges.

He has worked as a water sanitation consultant in Cote d’Ivoire, VOCA Country Director in Warsaw, Poland, and Peace Corps Country Director in Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition to his international work, Carl has extensive experience forming and launching cooperatives internationally and domestically. He was co-founder of America’s first cooperative business incubator -Cooperative Solutions – building national cooperatives in drywall & roofing distribution, bicycle retail, leasing, and other sectors. He is fluent in German, French and Bulgarian and speaks passable Bambara.

Andy KumarAndrew Kumar holds an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology and a Graduate Certificate in International Development from Colorado State University. He has worked in the public and private sector and started several small businesses, including one that focused on bringing naturopathic and allopathic medical practices together for holistic and alternative treatments.  He is working with researchers from the Albert Schweitzer Hospital and students from Northwestern University in assessing and implementing market-based solutions to development issues in rural Gabon.

Andrew was an MBA Candidate in the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise program at Colorado State University, where he worked with a team looking into biochar and SMS-based market information in Mozambique, in partnership with International Development Enterprises. He graduated in 2013 and currently works for Envirofit .



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