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Making a Difference Profile: ETRE Ayisyen

6/6/13 – This post is a collaboration between CASE summer intern Tori Thompson and GSSE student Andy Kumar. They highlight an inspirational organization, ETRE Ayisyen, that we had the privilege of hosting at Colorado State University in April, 2013. Though rags-to-riches … Continue reading

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Getting Started with a Little Help from the 3 Fs: Friends, Family, and Fools

In Entrepreneurship courses, the concept of “bootstrapping” is typically referred to as the first phase of funding for a new venture, where the entrepreneur covers the costs themselves.  And as I watch dozens of entrepreneurs starting their first ventures, bootstrapping … Continue reading

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A Leadership Masterpiece: What Orchestras, Warfare, and Business Have in Common

Through teamwork classes and leadership training in my socially-focused MBA, it is increasingly clear that one’s management style is nuanced and tempered by an understanding of all your project variables. I was recently discussing leadership styles and their effect on … Continue reading

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Tear Down This Wall – Redefining “Sustainable Ventures”

Warning: When dealing with legacy business thinkers, use the term “sustainable” at your peril. Those of us interested in social and environmental outcomes of our ventures are often regarded as operating in a cute, special little world where the normal … Continue reading

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