Meet our Next 29 World Changers: Introducing Cohort 9

Introducing Cohort 9! It is our biggest cohort to date at 29 students. Each year, our pool has become more competitive, and the qualifications of our students more impressive.  This is in no small part due to the impressive accomplishments, and enthusiasm, of the cohorts that have preceded them. And, don’t worry alumni, we still don’t have a favorite cohort – you are all our favorites.


Get to know the cohort – read their bios here.

As C9 finishes their first semester, they are taking a different path on ventures than our previous cohorts. Based on several factors, including input from previous cohorts, we have spent the first semester working on getting a deeper understanding of selected global challenges, and delayed the process of picking teams and designing venture ideas. The goal is to have students get a better grounding in the problems, as well as more experience working with each other, prior to finalizing teams. The other change will be that their summer work will focus more on validating markets and customer discovery, and less on validating business model designs. Our goal is that this will provide our students with more tools, better information, broader networks and more ninja skills that they can employ after their time at CSU.

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