Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kelly Martin

martinDr. Kelly Martin, Associate Professor of Marketing in the College of Business, has been teaching the Quantitative Business Analysis class in the GSSE MBA program since 2012. In 2014, she was the first College of Business professor to be awarded the prestigious Monfort Professorship.  Though she would certainly never say it, this award is a BIG deal, and we are lucky to include her in our all-star cast of GSSE professors.

As a way to share the results of research funded by the Monfort award, she recently gave a well-attended and provocative lecture on “Consumption at the Extremes: Social and Cultural Influences”. Her talk included John Lennon quotes, slides full of formulas, and Izikhothane dance battles in South Africa. If you are unfamiliar with Izikhothane, we highly suggest you do a quick google search – it will not disappoint.


For more information about her research, check out this article.

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1 Response to Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Kelly Martin

  1. Neeraj Views says:

    Its great to hear that Dr. Kelly Martin has been awarded the Monfort Professorship. Congratulations to the professor.

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