Just a Girl in the World

Wonderful post by Chrissa Percival, a student in our Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program, who was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana.

Just a girl in the world

CSU Global Connections

By: Chrissa Percival

I had been working in the rural village of Adaklu, Ghana, West Africa for a few months before I met Verone.  She is a woman in her mid-20s with a bright smile and a kind heart.  As a mother of two daughters and one son, guardian to her niece, and receiving little help from a husband struggling with alcohol abuse, Verone works tirelessly to maintain their one room dwelling, provide enough food to eat and be able to send the children to school.

At a young age, her family pulled her from school to work on their subsistence farm and help her mother at market.  Without an education, Verone is unable to get a job with decent pay or properly manage a small business of her own.  The consequence is that her family often goes without and her daughters and niece are frequently out of school for…

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2 Responses to Just a Girl in the World

  1. paquerar2015 says:

    excellent article . Congratulations Chrissa Percival .

  2. Patricia says:

    Keep up the good work Chrissa. May you be blessed on all your projects in the future.

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