Kicked off Fargreen’s first farmer training workshop. Let the journey begin…

Part 3 of Tanmay Telang’s impressions and experiences with Fargreen in Vietnam. They’ve made such amazing progress, and have won incredible competitions, and we are very excited to see the next updates to this impressive social enterprise.

The journey to a prosperous green

Hai Duong, June 29th, 2014 – written by Trang Tran, Fargreen CEO & Cofounder (

Today marked an important milestone of our Fargreen journey: our first farmer training workshop was kicked off. For the founding members of Fargreen, it’s more than a dream come true. We just can’t believe that over a year ago Fargreen was purely an idea floating in our minds. Now, it is a registered business and has officially started its journey involving not just us but also our neighboring farmers in the village. What a moment!

Today was the first day of our month-long training workshop. We will walk our farmers through every single step involved in cultivating mushrooms on rice straw. Right from how to select the high quality straw, how to dry, store and treat it and what to do when they see mushrooms sprouting out of the straw. The idea is…

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