Fargreen’s new found inspiration: Nhi Pham

Phase 2 of Fargreen’s blog, courtesy of Tanmay Telang, a GSSE graduate from Cohort 5 of the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA. Great insights into the realities of actually starting a social enterprise. Enjoy! -Kat

The journey to a prosperous green

It’s been almost fifteen days since the last blog. The days in between have been hot and sweaty for the most part, with the exception of an occasional shower of rains to beat the heat (Thank god!). Our days have been spent meeting prospective customers in Hanoi, getting the site in the Thuc Khang village ready for pilot production and farmers training and researching about packaging & labeling for our products. Busy but exciting stuff! Our aim is to establish the best practice of growing mushrooms on straw and simultaneously train the farmers to produce mushrooms. We have an ambitious plan to launch the minimum viable product by the year end. Go Fargreen!

Our pilot is based in Thuy’s (one of the cofounders of Fargreen) village – Thuc Khang in the Hai Duong province. Her family has been supporting us graciously in the task of our production pilot. They have…

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