First impressions of Vietnam: Simple, Warm and Beautiful

We wanted to repost this blog by Fargreen to help tell their story as they develop into a full-fledged social enterprise generating income and impact in Vietnam. This is the first of 3 posts.

The journey to a prosperous green

Written by Tanmay Telang – Fargreen’s co-founder on his first trip to Vietnam in June 2014

It’s been almost a year that I’ve been a part of the Fargreen team . However, 8th of June 2014 turned out to be the first day of my life in Vietnam. Initially I was feeling a bit nervous about being in Vietnam. But then I decided to go there with a clean slate – an empty mind with no prejudices at all. And it did turn out to be the right decision, for, as I cleared the immigration and visa interview in Hanoi in fifteen minutes, I realized that the attitude of people here is easy going and I am going to have a good time.

Trang came to receive me at the airport, and we went back to her home town of Phu Ly in a hired Taxi. The air here is…

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