Foodcarts, Mushrooms, Solar Energy, and Pill Packs: It’s Been a Busy Summer!

In addition to all the great work out current cohort of GSSE students has been undertaking around the world, it’s also been an exciting summer for GSSE alumni. A few intriguing updates:

  • MamaCarts has launched in Benin and is selling clean, healthy, and delicious meals from foodcarts! Check out their photos on their Facebook page to see their progress.
  • Fargreen is training farmers in Vietnam to produce mushrooms – check out photos from their first training session here.
  • Our of the first ventures to come of the GSSE MBA, PowerMundo, was recently awarded a $100,000 prize from the Inter-American Development Bank for their work enabling rural Peruvian families to access solar energy. Read the announcement here.
  • And finally, we are proud to introduce you to the newest GSSE venture, ASCENT Global Market Solutions, founded by 3 GSSE grads from Cohort 6 to enable access to low cost, affordable health care solutions, starting with the Jeena Iron Pill Pack.


GSSE Alumni Venture Progress

Clockwise from upper left: ASCENT Global Market Solutions, MamaCarts, Fargreen, and PowerMundo

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