Funding the Future: Getting Student Entrepreneurs into the Field

NOYA Fibers Mongolian Cashmere

What better way to build a business serving Mongolian goat herders than to literally go into the field in Mongolia?

In order to make a business work, it has to be tested. Entrepreneurs can’t expect to make a million dollars on their first try, and it’s often hardest to make the first sale. But getting to the point of the first sale can be a daunting task that itself requires significant capital. For social entrepreneurs who are working in resource-constrained environments, this can be particularly challenging.

This summer, 7 new social ventures in the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program will be in the field for the first time, making their nascent ventures a reality. They all have plane tickets, but need more cash to cover additional expenses while abroad. In order to fundraise, nearly all of them are running a crowdfunding campaign – and they are following in the footsteps of a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign for their colleague’s venture monkii bars, which recently destroyed their $25k goal and raised over $110k.

monkii bars Kickstarter campaign

monkii bars Kickstarter campaign

So please check out these inspiring ventures, help get them into the field, and fund the future of social entrepreneurship:

H2.0 – investing in clean water and sanitation ventures around the world.

Kapok Connect – an app connecting tourists to authentic experiences in Mexico and Ethiopia.

JamiiFunding – the Kickstarter of Kenya.

Second Chance Vietnam – a boutique consignment store that trains and employs disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.

Fresco de Dentro – promoting urban farming and reducing waste in urban Brazil.


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