Oh the Joys of Living in Colorado: a Ski Race + Ethical Biz Case Competition

3/17/14 – This guest post is submitted by Art Dillon, the Director of the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative in CSU’s College of Business. Art sponsored a team of Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA students to compete in the 2014 Race and Case Competition, where they placed 2nd overall.

2014 Race and Case CSU COB Team

The 2014 Race and Case CSU COB Team

CSU’s team of six GSSE graduate students (Aaron Sebesta, Quynh Nguyen, Armand Tossou, Eric Byington, Katie Bessert, and Samantha Slater) represented the College of Business in the 2014 Race and Case Competition sponsored by the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.

The two parts of the competition included an ethics case presentation and a downhill ski race. The ethics case centered on issues surrounding a startup company named Sample 6, which has developed a much faster process for identifying the food borne pathogen, listeria. CSU’s team identified the key issues in the Sample 6 case, conducted background research on the company, and developed their recommendations for Sample 6’s business plan. The team members then presented their proposal before two separate panels of judges during the Case portion of the competition.

Next, the team traveled by bus with the other four university teams to Beaver Creek for the Race portion of the competition. All five university teams completed their timed downhill races, and these scores were added to the scores for the Ethics Case presentations. During the closing dinner, the results were announced, and CSU’s team placed second! Proud of our students for their speed on the slopes, and smarts in the classroom…

– Art 

The 2014 Race and Case

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