A Venture Profile: Luciernaga Solar Lighting in Central America

12/11/13 – This guest post is by solar start-up Luciernaga, a company that four GSSE MBA students supported with business planning advice. Read an earlier post about their work here. Since then, Luciernaga has matured and is scaling across Central America.

7.4 Million People in Central America Without ElectricityIn Central America, 7.4 million people do not have electricity and thousands more have only expensive and unreliable access. Kerosene lamps, candles, and flashlights used as an alternative are dirty, expensive and ineffective sources of lighting.  In 2012, Trees, Water & People began addressing this problem by distributing solar energy technologies in rural Honduras.  Over the past year, their program has grown considerably, and are now importing product for distribution in four countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras) and have formalized their approach even further by registering a wholly owned subsidiary of Trees, Water & People, called Luciérnaga LLC  (‘firefly’ in Spanish). Luciérnaga manages all of the supply chain related parts of the business, with their goal to be able to purchase larger quantities of product and to make the supply chain more efficient, providing customers with the best value possible. This business is generating employment, new income streams, and clean energy for Central American families and has the potential to grow and create even greater impact for thousands more families.

Solar lights increase the amount of time spent studying in the home.

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