The Global One Health Colloquium

10/8/13 – This guest post was written by GSSE MBA intern Megan Willey, a senior Business Admin and Marketing major in the College of Business at Colorado State University. Megan helped market this event, and shares her thoughts on the panel session entitled “Why Global Corporations Care About the World”.

The Global One Health Colloquium, organized by the Office of International Programs at Colorado State University, brought in panelists from across the country to talk about the intersection between human health, environmental health, and animal health.  The discussion organized by the College of Business focused on how global corporations are taking these issues into account, and incorporating sustainability into their core business strategy.  

Our speakers included VP and Chief Science & Health Officer at the Coca-Cola Company, Rhona Applebaum; Co-Founder and CEO of Alfalfa’s Market and Co-Founder of Horizon Organic Dairy, Mark Retzloff; and Senior VP of Sustainability at Walmart, Andrea Thomas.  Each panelist discussed their current and future plans to implement sustainability tactics into each company’s day-to-day operations. Panelists shared their common visions of optimizing their current use of resources and planning for a future of additional resource constraints. Their honest responses and practical examples provided the audience with a unique, interactive, opportunity to listen to why big corporations do, in fact, care about the world that we live in today.

GSSE student Andy Kumar taking notes during Mark Retzloff's presentation at The Global One Health Colloquium

GSSE student Andy Kumar taking notes during Mark Retzloff’s presentation at The Global One Health Colloquium

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