An Update on Phoenix Fire Solutions

Colorado State University Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise student Michael Blasius

Michael Blasius

8/22/13 – Stories From the Field: This brief update is written by CSU GSSE student Michael Blasius, a founding member of Phoenix Fire Solutions. Read their original post here.

Rain is a good thing in Colorado, and July was merciful. No one appreciates the rain more than those that live in the fire-risk areas of the Rocky Mountains. After spending July in the Red Feather Lakes and Crystal Lakes communities, we can confidently say that there is no silver bullet in mitigating the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic and its accompanying effects.

Fortunately, these residents have an unparalleled will to combat the threats against their beloved communities throughout Colorado. Visiting local companies Slash Solutions, LLC and Biochar Now has given us great insight into possible uses of beetle-kill wood. We have found that transportation of raw materials is one of the most stubborn issues, and we are currently working hard to find feasible economic models for mountain communities to remove the wood for a useful purpose.

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