Making a Difference Profile: ETRE Ayisyen

6/6/13 – This post is a collaboration between CASE summer intern Tori Thompson and GSSE student Andy Kumar. They highlight an inspirational organization, ETRE Ayisyen, that we had the privilege of hosting at Colorado State University in April, 2013.

Mathias Pierre, Founder of ETRE Ayisyen

Mathias Pierre, Founder of ETRE Ayisyen

Though rags-to-riches success stories are commonplace in America, in Haiti they are very rare,  making the success of  entrepreneur and ETRE Ayisyen founder Mathias Pierre that much more extraordinary. Despite Haiti’s decreasing standard of living, Mr. Pierre, who was featured in an NPR Planet Money article, founded a successful computer business in 2007. Today, he is a millionaire and seeks to establish a network to help Haitain entrepreneurs achieve success. We had the honor of hosting him and a group of entrepreneurs from ETRE Ayisyen.

ETRE Ayisyen logo

ETRE Ayisyen was founded by Mr. Pierre to establish a network of institutions and entrepreneurs. ETRE Ayisyen uses this network, combined with education and training, to improve Haitian businesses.

While discussing his work with students in the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA Program, Mr. Pierre emphasized the importance of mental attitude and explained that to create opportunities to succeed in Haiti, it is critical to effectively leverage assets, capital and people. ETRE Aysisyen starts its work at grade school levels and continues past graduate school, linking entrepreneurs of all ages and skill levels with one another.

To find out more about ETRE Ayisyen and how you can get involved check out their website.

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2 Responses to Making a Difference Profile: ETRE Ayisyen

  1. Brutus Calebre says:

    Mr Pierre est l’unique haitien qui pense aider les jeunes entrepreneurs haitiens a demarrer leurs entreprises

  2. Brutus Calebre says:

    Mr Mathias Pierre parfois je ne sais pourquoi il donne tout son temps a nous qui vient des quartiers defavorables,li ne voit pas ca lui meme,il nous conseil toujours de prendre l’arme le plus puissat pour combattre la pauvrete qui est l’entreprenariat

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