Social Enterprise Stories From the Field 2013

It’s that time of the year again, when our offices on Colorado State University’s campus clear out, but the real work begins in the field.  Students in our Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program spend six to ten weeks in the “field” – this could be literally a field, a school in Kenya, a community in Honduras, a salt flat in Haiti, etc – building a business.  A core part of their program is this summer practicum experience, where they test the assumptions they made in their business plans.

OK- but honestly, what does this actually mean?  We use these terms a lot when we talk about our program: “building a business,” “conducting field work,” “summer practicum,” “testing assumptions.”  But we realize that these phrases don’t come close to conveying the excitement, inspiration, and motivation that they represent.

2012 GSSE MBA Field Work in Mongolia, Guatemala, and Haiti

GSSE MBA Field Work

Luckily for you, our summertime series “Stories From the Field” will help fill in that gap! Over the next 12 weeks, GSSE MBA students will be guest bloggers, telling their stories from around the world.  They will paint a much more compelling picture of how a business is actually built, and how their MBA education is being put to good use. We are excited to showcase these young entrepreneurs, and share their successes, challenges, and experiences with you.


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  1. Sack,Shelby says:

    ☺This is great!

    Shelby Sack
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    Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA
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