Alumni Profile: Kate Danaher, GSSE MBA 2011

Kate Danaher, GSSE MBA 2011

Kate Danaher, GSSE MBA 2011

Kate Danaher oversees the food and agricultural portfolio for the Rudolph Steiner Foundation’s Social Finance. RSF is a pioneering non-profit financial services organization dedicated to transforming the way the world works with money. In partnership with a community of investors and donors, RSF provides capital to non-profit and for-profit social enterprises addressing Food & Agriculture, Education & the Arts, and Ecological Stewardship. Kate focuses on deploying RSF’s lending products to help build more resilient regional food systems in the U.S. “My interest in the impact investing field actually began while I was a GSSE student at Colorado State University. In the program, I worked with several social enterprises where access to capital was a real barrier to growth. The GSSE helped me to become a Regional Social Impact Fellow with RSF in 2011, and I feel really fortunate that I get to align my values with my work.”

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