One World, Thanks to the Data

I love TED talks and am continually impressed with the wonderfully relevant talks on this site. And Hans Rosling is one of my favorite contributors.  He uses his website called “Gapminder” to produce what he describes as a “fact based world view.”  His animated data correlations illuminate tantalizing relationships between important demographics of all sorts.

Hans Rosling Dispels the Western vs Developing World Myths

Hans Rosling Dispels the Myth of the Western vs Developing World

In this fabulous video: “Let my dataset change your mindset”, Rosling helps us understand some of the correlations and covariance of seemingly disparate data sets that describe complex world issues through compelling visualizations.  He dispels the stubborn world view that there is still a distinction between the western world (long life, small family) and the developing world (short life, large family).  Turns out, we are one world after all…


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