Find Your Way to the GSSE MBA: Meet Chris Palmer

Find Your Way to the GSSE MBA

Find Your Way to the GSSE MBA – Chris Palmer’s story

2/13/13  The Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA is a boutique, niche program at Colorado State University, and our students are as diverse as the paths that brought them here. This story is about Chris Palmer, who graduated in Dec 2012 and is Co-Founder and CEO of Creative Spring Productions.

After undergrad, Chris applied to graduate school to study International Relations, and was accepted into a highly-ranked program. Life got in the way, though, and he ultimately deferred enrollment in order to pursue a girl (now his lovely wife Sarah).  Despite his deferred acceptance, Chris decided he should probably take a second look at his grad school options given the progression in his career and new family situation. And so, he and Sarah put together a map of all the places they would like to live that had relevant programs. With no real geographic preference, they were quickly up to nearly a dozen options, from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between – except that at this point in his process, Colorado State University wasn’t on the map.

Around this time, Chris went into work one day to find a flier from his boss about the Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise MBA program at Colorado State University. Immediately intrigued given his interest in the intersection between business and development, CSU suddenly appeared on his map.  A few months later, Chris’ friend found himself walking and talking with Tony P. Hall, a former Ambassador to the UN FAO, at Yale University  Tony had just returned from visiting CSU, where he had met with Carl Hammerdorfer, the Director of GSSE.  As Tony and Chris’ friend struck up a conversation, Tony mentioned his visit to CSU and his positive impression of GSSE. When this small-world coincidence made its way to Chris’ ear, the endorsement from Tony encouraged him to schedule a visit to CSU. The rest is history…

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