A Leadership Masterpiece: Amy Cuddy on Body Language

Are you afraid to get in front of a crowd and have all eyes on you? Public speaking is an important skill in most fields. The ability to keep your audience engaged, share just the right amount of information at just the right time – and not faint – is a challenge to say the least. These skills do not come naturally to many of us, and all of us benefit from lots of practice.  However, communication is not done exclusively through words.  Amy Cuddy, Harvard Business School professor, recently delivered an inspirational TED Talk entitled “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.” This heartfelt presentation discusses the importance of non-verbal cues that you share with people in a range of settings, and the importance of perseverance.  Cuddy suggests throwing yourself out there, looking powerful, acting confident, and keeping this posture until you realize you have become those things.

These 21 minutes will give you some great communication tips, and also show the transformative power of taking action.

Amy Cuddy on Body Language

Amy Cuddy on Body Language

-Andy Kumar

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