The Little Article That Could: How My Monday Morning was Transformed

As a graduate of the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA, and now an employee, I naturally have an affinity for the program, and am proud of its goals thus far.  However, yesterday I felt like I was able to experience the excitement of this unique degree with a fresh set of eyes.  And not just because it was Monday morning, and I’d had my mocha.  When I got in to the office and opened up my email, I was greeted by a message from Today @ Colostate State, the weekly campus email that contains the top stories from our Fort Collins-based campus.  And even though I knew it was going to be the lead article, my heart still beat a little bit faster when I saw the headline: “Working With MIT, CSU Launches New Entrepreneurship Program in Africa”.

Working with MIT, CSU launches new entrepreneurship program in AfricaFor me, this article represents a moment to celebrate the progress we have made in the past several years towards solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges with market-based solutions.  The story describes CSU’s unique methods of enabling others to help themselves by educating them and giving them the tools necessary to scale up their own ideas.  And the photos depict the beauty found in the developing world, where I developed a passion for the field of social entrepreneurship.   And so it is with great pride, and a renewed sense of purpose and zeal, that I share with you this exciting news!  Please read, enjoy, and pass along.

-Kat Ernst

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