A Day in the Life of a GSSE MBA Student

Andy Kumar

Andy Kumar

10/22/12 – This guest post is written by Andy Kumar, an MBA Candidate in the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise Program at Colorado State University.  Andy and his classmates are two months into the program, and will soon be fully underway forming social and sustainable ventures as part of the curriculum.

On October 10, the most recent additions to the GSSE family stretched their entrepreneurial legs as they pitched their venture ideas to a group of excited alumni, professors, investors and partners.  I am lucky to call these fine students colleagues, and it was a pleasure to explore the many compelling projects vetted that day.  Teams performed initial situational and market analyses for twelve venture projects ranging from techno-centric electric scooters with plasma reactors and hydrogen generators, to more familiar solutions like clean-burning cook-stoves, bio-char, and sustainability consulting.

So what happens now? A central focus of this MBA is turning education into action, and at each step our coursework has had the venture process deeply embedded. It has been interesting to “learn by doing,” and to have iterations of theory and methodology build as we make progress with our ventures.  Of the original twelve ventures that were presented, only seven will move forward. Our teams have been reconstituted based on interests, skills sets, and personality, and we will begin a rigorous drive forward through education to adventure and success.  It is hard to believe that a year from now, we will be preparing to graduate, and contemplating how our next steps will include our ventures.

Cohort 6 Group Photo

Cohort 6 Group Photo

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