No I Will Not Give Up: The Creative Solutions of a Student Entrepreneur

10/19/12 – This guest post is written by Greg Goble, MBA Candidate in the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise Program at Colorado State University. Greg is co-founder of NOYA Fibers, which is connecting sustainable cashmere goat herders in Mongolia to clothing manufacturers so that we can all enjoy super soft, socially-responsible and environmentally-friendly sweaters.

Starting a business is arguably one of the more challenging, frustrating, inventive, and rewarding experiences that an aspiring change-maker will face in his or her life. It is indeed daunting to move from scribbling a few workable ideas down on paper, to developing testable hypotheses within a market, and finally logically walking through a company’s operations and financial projections. However, any start-up can attest that the real challenge of starting a business includes not the technical challenges themselves, but persevering through them.

Cashmere goat herders in Mongolia

Cashmere goat herders in Mongolia

While the endless hang-ups, pitfalls, and altercations to one’s business model can turn out to be minor inconveniences, even the slightest hiccup in operations may be detrimental to achieving future business objectives. As such, I have found the key to overcoming one’s unfortunate luck is to remain focused on the business objectives, maintain flexibility, and always be willing to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves. As any founder of a start-up organization can verify, problems will arise around every turn. Whether I am waiting on a late shipment to arrive, or attempting to export cashmere from Mongolia through unofficial channels of distribution, I just keep an open mind while addressing these operational hitches, and solutions eventually present themselves.

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