East Meets West Meets Innovation and Sustainability

Trang Tran

Trang Tran, GSSE MBA Student

9/17/12: This guest post is written by Trang Tran, a student in the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA Program, and a former employee of the East Meets West Foundation. Trang is responding to the article “Business Model Innovation: East Meets West Delivers Sanitation Solutions at Scale,” recently published by Forbes about the Foundation’s development work in health, education, and infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

I was lucky enough to have had a chance to be involved working with East Meets West since I was still an undergrad student four years ago. I consider the organization my home where the professional part of me was born and nurtured to become a passionate international development worker.  I have adopted the organization’s mission as my professional mission which is to transform the health, education and communities of disadvantaged people by building partnerships, developing opportunities, and creating sustainable solutions.

It is essential that a development worker is able to see different angles of their work from diverse points of view, especially from the business perspective. As East Meets West Foundation’s president John Anner said in the article Business Model Innovation: East Meets West Delivers Sanitation Solutions at Scale: “looking at international development through a business lens is a valuable tool – it leads you to smart ideas, effective partnerships and solutions that are woven into the fabric of the community.”  Not only is this exactly what I loved about working at East Meets West, it is also what brought me to the GSSE MBA, which is equipping me with the necessary tools, knowledge and networks to advance my area of passion: international development.

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