What Gets an Entrepreneurship Geek Going?

Enthusiastic Paul Hudnut

Paul Hudnut literally jumping for joy

“This is one of my favorite days of the year,” said College of Business professor and well-known entrepreneurship-geek, Paul Hudnut, addressing a crowd of approximately 60 students and faculty in the Bohemian Auditorium at Colorado State University.  What could possibly cause this generally reserved gentleman to gush and effuse with such enthusiasm?  A birthday?  An anniversary?  The Mars landing?


Hudnut was excited about the venture reports of seven MBA teams in the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise program who’d recently returned from their summer field work.  Better yet, these entrepreneurs were sharing the lessons from their ventures with the newest group of student entrepreneurs.  All told, almost 50 GSSE MBA students learned about the successes and failures – not to mention the creative pivoting – of ventures in Guatemala, Mongolia, Bolivia, the United States, the Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya.

Now in its sixth year, well past 100 students and over 40 sustainable ventures, this MBA program has ridden – and sometimes driven – an entrepreneurship wave in the College of Business that includes undergraduate students, MBAs, MMPs, and a host of students from across the CSU campus who see a better future through venture creation.  With the launch of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, highly-ranked entrepreneurship faculty, and a thriving Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Certificate, our College is front and center in Colorado’s efforts to provide leadership in building a stronger economy.

And that is something worth getting excited about.

– Carl Hammerdorfer

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7 Responses to What Gets an Entrepreneurship Geek Going?

  1. existnoexist says:

    It is quite encouraging to hear about business programs that blend critical thought with a development perspective and a focus on entrepreneurship!

  2. andy says:

    I agree. This program seems like a fantastic opportunity to explore entrepreneurship through travel. I wonder if this program works around a triple bottom line approach and if it is full of international students. If so, it would be a great chance to do some international networking and adventuring!

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  5. Maulik Shah says:

    Thanks for sharing business knowledge.. very useful for startup…thanks again and keep sharing..

  6. I really like it this kind of information……….Great blog post and really helpful…… and your blog are very interesting and inspiring.

  7. Maulik Shah says:

    Thanks for sharing business knowledge.. very useful for startup and keep sharing..

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