The Purpose of Our “Make a Difference” Blog

This “Make a Difference” blog for the College of Business will continue the discussion about social entrepreneurship, sustainable ventures, and enterprise solutions that change the world. Here, we will share stories that demonstrate our Goals and Directions, which include “We will develop the entrepreneur in each of our students, because through their creativity and determination new ideas will emerge to solve old problems.” And so this blog will capture the process of harnessing the creativity of our students to make a difference in the lives of others. We will approach this from an educational perspective: our faculty will share their experiences training world-changers, and students will describe how they apply what they are learning in class to the real world. To be sure, we will impart inspiring examples of business success that positively impacts lives.

Launching a sustainable agricultural technology enterprise during the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA at Colorado State University

Kathryn Ernst conducting a focus group for a sustainable agricultural technology during the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise MBA at Colorado State University.

There is a plethora of entrepreneurial activity in our College that deserves recognition and can serve as an example to others. So, as editor of this blog, my goal is to Make a Difference by getting this content out into the world, and I hope you will follow along!

-Kathryn Ernst

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